Welcome to POM Magazine, digital magazine for style and culture. POM Magazine immerses the readers in music, dance, film and theatre. In our articles we explore developments in the game world and modern media. We interview designers, architects, artists and scientists. But we also write about urban lifestyle trends. The world’s metropoles play a main role in POM Magazine. So what’s important to us? We put subject above opinion, and curiosity above criticism.
POM Magazine would be nothing without the editors. With their creativity, intelligence and craftsmanship they create the magazine. Please let us introduce the editors.


Anke Verbeek
Anke Verbeek loves digital contemporary art. She is both a curator and a teacher, who shares her passion for digital media with the participants of various cultural institutions. But for POM Magazine she sometimes diverts to the analogue world. She interviewed the actress, Rosita Segers, about her drama production, Spread The Sadness, and introduced the readers to the design philosophy of Moofers Clothing. We look forward to reading Anke’s articles that will update us on the digital and analogue developments in art and culture.


Claire Meulemeesters
Claire Meulemeesters is a freelance creative writer and copywriter. Claire is fascinated by subcultures and people who live life differently. She is an expert in digital games and has a preference for games that are capable of emotionally touching the player. For POM Magazine Claire writes about the fascinating aspects of the game world and the continuously changing digital world. In her articles she shares everything you need to know about games, artificial intelligence and modern media.


Klaartje Til
Klaartje Til is a documentary filmmaker. Her documentary, Coco Cabasa, was on the 2016 IDFA program. She teaches film at the Amsterdam art school, IVKO. For POM Magazine Klaartje researched metropoles like Brussels, Austin and Los Angeles. She investigated the caring qualities of a building. What characterises her articles? Connection: with the subject, with the people she interviews and with the editors. In her articles she gets to the core of the matter, while discovering surprising aspects of the subject she writes about.


Zwaantje van Klaveren
Her great love is the city of Rotterdam. Her daily challenges are her paintings in progress. She is a natural when it comes to playing with the Dutch language. There is not a talent that Zwaantje does not possess. And if there is, she will write about it. Especially when it concerns her city, Rotterdam. In her columns, the readers get to know Zwaantje van Klaveren’s world.


Josine Boven
Josine has her own company, BovenGewoon Communicaties. In her spare time she is a bird watcher and likes to photograph them. Compared to the other editors of POM Magazine, who all love art and culture, Josine is a bit of an oddity with this hobby. But she is appreciated for it. She deals with our articles like a birdwatcher studying a bird: with respect for the soul that the writer gave the article.


Polly Parker
Polly writes the cultural agenda for POM Magazine. Polly is not one for nature. She will never suffer from blisters she got from walking the Alps. Polly knows mountains from the windows of trains and cars that bring her to the next metropole. Polly gets blisters from a brisk walk in one of those metropoles. After such walks, the editors will always find an article in their mailbox.


Anne van der Heiden
Anne managed the artistic coordination of Residentie Orkest of The Hague and De Doelen in Rotterdam. She was responsible for the marketing and PR of the Dutch reed quintet, Calefax. Currently, Anne works as a project manager for the web design agency, Two Kings, in The Hague. How would we describe Anne? Anne is fun and has unbridled energy. She is not only passionate about music, but also curious about everything that happens in the music world.


Jasmijn Schrofer
Jasmijn is a documentary filmmaker based in Amsterdam. Her film TARIKAT won the VPRO Documentary Prize, the KNF Prize and the Filmfonds Wildcards. Her film, AFTER, was broadcasted on the Dutch National Broadcasting Company, NPO. Jasmijn has a keen eye for people. Surprisingly though, her documentaries also show intimacy and have a sharp view on the world. Intimacy can also be found in the photos Jasmijn shoots for POM Magazine and in the articles she writes for us.


AAG describes herself as curious as a cat. We describe her as brilliant. She observes and is amazed how special people are. She shares her amazement with the readers in her AAG column.


Veerle Vreeke
Veerle is the owner of Grafische Kamer, a design agency specialized in print and digital design. Veerle is responsible for the graphical design of POM Magazine. She creates the magazine’s illustrations and made the portraits of AAG, Polly Parker and herself.