Inge Aanstoot – Small Change, Little Changes

Dutch painter Inge Aanstoot, has been very busy over the last two years. For the Rotterdam Museum, in 2020, she made a mural for the exhibition, Lions on the Coolsingel. In 2020 she also worked under the name, Marie Pop, with photographer Anique Weve. Marie Pop work was on display this summer at the ART Rotterdam fair.

At the end of July, Inge opened an exhibition of 15 paintings at the Amsterdam gallery, Vriend van Bavink. The paintings are large and small and in typical Inge style, expressive, figurative and symbolic. In this series, Inge investigates both well-known and unknown key figures in history: kings, emperors, scientists, inventors, male and female. These people made a difference in the past and they all look you right in the face. Inge is not shy to appear in her own paintings. In this series, you will also see her in some of her works. In Small Change, Little Changes, she wears a pink dress she seems to have borrowed from the French queen, Marie Antoinette. It is the icing on the cake, a painting full of symbolism and reflection. Usually, birds and flowers are not easy to paint without the risk of reducing them to decoration or symbolic elements. Not with Inge. In Temperance Is Wickedness V: Headspace, you feel as if you are in a jungle, enshrouded by flower arrangements. In The Avian Reptilian Complex, forty birds form a stilled image in which every detail is captured. However, when looking at the painting you feel an urge to say to those birds: “Oh please sit still so Mrs. Aanstoot can start painting you quietly.”

Until September 4th, in the Vriend van Bavink gallery, Geldersekade 34, Amsterdam.