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Wall Food

Getting your food delivered out of a wall, has its charm. All those little pigeonholes in the wall, surrounded by neon lights, logos, and photos of the meals and products. There is something hasty about it. People walk straight to the wall with a concentrated look in their eyes. Most of the time they already have the exact change in their pockets. They resolutely throw a few coins “in the wall” and eat the snacks while standing, either inside or out, before they go on living everyday life. Boanna Pieterse searched walls for delicious food and here are her tips.

Schiphol Plaza is usually packed with people looking for trains, taxis or airport check-in points. But on the plaza you will also find, the Health Food Wall, a beautiful lined food wall with a luxurious look. The white illuminated pigeonholes offer a variety of fresh vegetarian and vegan products. Here is a selection from the product range: freshly-made salads, carrot juice, ginger shots, tahini brownies or carrot cake. Everything is well packed and comes with cutlery. So it is 100% on-the-go proof.
Schiphol Plaza, Schiphol

The Kriterion Student Petrol Station is situated on Zeeburgereiland and is fully operated by students. It is very close to the tram stop and close to the Amsterdam ring road exits. It is a regular fuel station, but the shop is hipper than what we know from petrol stations. There is a barista bar, they sell eco-friendly products, health food and healthy drinks. Plus, there is a wall offering meat, cheese, and vegetarian snacks.
Kriterion Studentenpomp, IJburglaan 11, Amsterdam

FEBO is well-known for its wall, offering traditional Dutch snacks like fries, meat croquettes and “frikandel”. Nowadays the FEBO pigeonholes also offer a vega croquette made of wheat fibre. It is lighter than the meat croquette, with a nice, warm, solid structure. It tastes perfect with a bit of mustard.
FEBO, everywhere in The Netherlands

Dutch Courage is a cocktail bar in the old sailors’ neighbourhood of Amsterdam, near the Zeedijk. The photos on their website suggest something fancy, but it is a classic Dutch brown café. Dutch Courage’s specialisation is Dutch gin, called Jenever. One hundred and fifty different types of bottled Jenever are on the shelves behind the bar. Dutch Courage refers to the drinks the Dutch soldiers wanted to have just before they went into battle with the English during the Eighty Years’ War. So what is the secret weapon of a place with such history? The Jenever Wall, situated beside the bar. This wall was specially made for Dutch Courage, to refrigerate sets of Jenever and beer bottles. Out of the little pigeonholes you can get a so-called Kopstootje, a cocktail made of Jenever and beer. Dutch Courage is a great little Amsterdam bar with a unique wall.
Dutch Courage, Zeedijk 12, Amsterdam

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